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Maintenance FAQs

  • How do I report problems in the common areas and pools?

    You can email or call SBB Management company who will alert the maintenance crews.  

    Contact Betty Crudden at SBB Management Company by phone at (972) 960-2800 x316 or by selecting SBB Management from the Send To choices below. For non-emergency matters contact the Board of Directors or appropriate commitees
  • Who do I contact if I notice problems in the Panther Creek Tunnel?

    The tunnel is owned by the city of Frisco and it is the city's responsibility to maintain it.
    Contact Frisco Public Works to report damage or maintenance issues:
    Phone: 972-292-5800
    Fax: 972-292-5891
  • Who do I contact to add a street light?

    Residential Street Lighting
    Residential streets, through Section 7.09.12.C of the City of Frisco Subdivision Ordinance, are required to have street lights installed during the construction process at all intersections with a maximum spacing of 600 feet and a minimum spacing of 150 feet. Lights are required on cul-de-sacs that are longer than 300 feet. The City of Frisco Engineering Services Department, in cooperation with the Public Works Department, reviews all utility construction permits for residential developments to assure these standards are met.
    Occasionally, physical conditions in the development after construction may require the addition or removal of street lights. If you feel your street is either too dark or too bright, please contact the Engineering Services Department at (972) 292-5400. A representative of the department will discuss the situation and meet in the field during the evening hours, if necessary. If changes are necessary, the city will work with the electric provider for that area to plan and construct the necessary improvements. If changes are not necessary, individual property owners or Home Owner Associations may still, at their own expense, coordinate with the city and the electric provider to plan and construct the necessary improvements.
    You can also search the archives of the city's Q an A board and see many more responses to similar concerns from others in the city. 
  • Who do I contact to repair a street light?

    Street lights are owned by the city of Frisco.
    Public Works FAQ's
    My street light is out or flickers on and off. How do I get it repaired?
    Report the problem to 972-292-5800, supply the address and electric provider (if known) for your neighborhood and we will notify the correct company for repairs. The majority of street lights in Frisco are owned and maintained by either CoServ Electric or TXU Electric Delivery.