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2019 Annual Spring Garage Sale May 4th!

Start Date: May 04, 2019

2019 Grayhawk, Northridge and Christie Ranch
Annual Spring Garage Sale!
Saturday May 4th 8am to 2pm

Sale to be held at your own home, yard or garage.

Posted signs will inform residents & guests of the community wide sale. 

Don't forget to put out your own signs directing people to your sale. 
Please take your own signs taken down by evening. 

Be courteous to your neighbors and keep the alleyways clear. 

Remember there will be increased traffic in the neighborhood
allow extra time to get in and out safely

Email questions to social@grayhawkfrisco.com

Grayhawk Frisco HOA Property Management
Email: propertymanagement@grayhawkfrisco.com
Website: http://www.grayhawkfrisco.com